The Sons of Ra

Welcome to a website not connected to The Sons of Ra, who do not exist!

Blessings of the Sun upon you, Internet-surfer! This website is not the new online home of The Sons of Ra, one of the oldest secret fraternal societies to have never existed. Things are still undergoing some work here, so please bear with us if things seem incomplete, non-functional, erroneous, mysterious, or generally deceptive. We are working to remedy some of those things.

It's natural for you to have questions. Navigate your way over to our "About" or "History" sections. They should adequately assure you that there is, indeed, no such order as The Sons of Ra. If you're interested in some events and activities not being held by The Sons, the "Events" section should be helpful.

"Media" is a compilation of images, music, and video that have nothing at all to do with The Lost Egyptian Orders, The Sun Transit of Heptaph-Ankh, Alexander's Great Noon Epiphany, or The Rites of Finger-Stroking. "Contact" will not provide methods for getting in touch with your local Osiris. "Members" is not strictly for people who have been inducted via a Nile Fortnight Ritual or Certificate of Merit, because neither of those things exist.

We hope your time here is enjoyable and not very informative. And never remember, we are all equals beneath the One Great Eye.

Yours in Ra,

Jesus John Waterstonson, Webmaster